Fitness classes in York

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Our York fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape and meet new people...

We offer a variety of classes for members and non-members. Legs, bums and tums sessions are great for toning up and the circuit session really gets the heart beating, and indoor cycling is the perfect high intensity cardio session.

NON MEMBER PRICES // CLASSES: £3 30 min class | £4 45 min class | £5 60 min class
YOGA CLASSES: £4 30 min class | £5 60 min class | £6 90 min class


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Fitness yoga in York

Fitness Yoga is a group exercise in a class environment, which aims to improve balance, stability and flexibility. It is a combination of a gentle Tai Chi warm up followed by a strong astanga-based yoga to give a flowing routine of exercises that work together perfectly. All levels and abilities are welcome. Previous experience of Tai Chi or yoga is not required. This popular class offers some of the best expertise in the discipline of fitness yoga in York and beyond, and will give you a total mind and body workout.

Legs Bums & Tums

Get a firmer bum, abdominals and leaner legs in a matter of weeks! This is a popular, fun class with a serious purpose! This class isn't just about looking great, but also about maintaining a general level of fitness that will keep you healthy and motivated in your work and personal life. This class is suitable for all fitness level's, it's a full body and toning workout that will improve your stamina, strength, flexibility, energy levels and it's also great fun.

Total Body Conditioning

For the ultimate conditioning workout. Body Conditioning is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina, and to burn calories in a controlled class environment. This a controlled class using various equipment to improve your experience, it focuses on giving you a full body, high intensity workout using all of your major upper, lower and core muscle groups. This class is designed for all abilities and all the exercises can be adapted to easy or hard to suit your level of fitness.


Step is an intense choreographed aerobic workout. You will learn complex dance routines to the latest music all done on the step which will give you a fantastic cardio workout, at the same time toning your legs, thighs bum and abdominals. You can control the level of your workout by adjusting the height of your step. Step is a highly motivating workout, but not recommended for total beginners

Indoor Cycling

Fun, high energy group exercise class with indoor stationary bikes.  Using colourful tunes that simulate fast straight roads, winding heart rate raising climbs and incorporating a number of exercise principals such as interval and endurance training.


Learn Latin American dance styles in one exciting hour of calorie burning, body-energising, cardio workout. All our routines are choreographed using the Zumba formula but don't worry so much about getting the perfect moves each time. We do the same tracks for 12 weeks, changing one a week, giving you plenty of time to learn the moves. Go at your own pace and modify the steps to suit you. Try our beginner's Zumba class first.

Circuit Training

Circuit training combines resistance and aerobic training, and is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. Each circuit has a number of exercises that are performed for a set period of time, one after another. Select the speed in which you exercise depending on your own level of fitness. Each circuit is designed to be simple and easy to follow with an instructor always close by should you need any help.


Get your heart pumping and fire up your metabolism for a fat burning, highly motivational fun class of HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training with short bursts of body weight/cardio/strength exercises appropriately paired with either active recovery or rest periods.

Full Body Workout

This bodyweight class is designed to burn calories, improve tone, shape and firm key areas of the body with this complete body workout. Works your core with focus on improving endurance, agility and strength without the use of equipment.

Fat burn

A low impact & lower intensity bodyweight class to get you started with shedding calories and burning fat. Improve overall fitness without the use of equipment.

Kettlebell Blast

Originating in Russia, a kettlebell is a century old training tool that combines both strength and endurance training to achieve your fitness goals.


UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! This fun and energetic class will really get your mood on an all time high to start off your day. A military style class for an all over body workout!


A fast paced class for all abilities and levels, whether you are starting out in fitness or an old timer, you can never go wrong with a circuit class!